Welcome to the Writer’s Room at the Betsy-South Beach

Welcome to The Writer’s Room at The Betsy-South Beach. This website is the online base for the Writer’s Room, which offers a beach-side retreat where visiting artists can relax, reflect, and write in quiet solitude, or engage with the area’s robust creative community through a reading or outreach program.

In the old days, The Betsy Ross and many other pre-war hotels had a “writing room” where guests could find the solitude and supplies to write letters, record memories, or simply jot down the afternoon’s musings. The new Writer’s Room is the realization of the present-day Betsy’s commitment to the arts as a vehicle for building community and for bridging past, present and future.

After its official opening in April 2012 during National Poetry Month festivities at the Betsy, the Writer’s Room has so far hosted numerous writers—poets, novelists, journalists, playwrights among them— during which these writers have presented readings of their work, published or in-progress. See the Guestbook to read about all of our guest artists, past and upcoming.

The Writer’s Room is a labor of love for The Betsy leadership team and while we cannot accommodate every applicant, we will be pleased to engage with you and hear about your work, and look toward a partnership now or in the future.

If you wish to apply for a residency in The Writer’s Room, you’ll find the application form here. You may also choose to simply write Deborah Briggs, VP of Philanthropy at The Betsy via email, as we like to keep things pretty organic and personal. Keep in mind we’re a place to escape to for a week or less … and we cannot pay for airfare. Our residencies include a free room, small food per-diem, unlimited illy espresso, Purelosophy water, a pristine beach a few hundred feet from your desk, and a roofdeck offering a birds-eye view of sunset and sunrise.

The Writer’s Journal is a blog where visiting artists will be invited to record their musings, notes, or reflections. It will also serve as a notice board for upcoming readings and other events featuring the guests of the Writer’s Room. If you have been awarded a stay in the room we encourage you to post. Share the inspiration of sun, sand, and solitude with others around the world, keep in touch with us, and send other talented colleagues our way.

With best wishes from The Writer’s Room team, we look forward to welcoming you to The Betsy and the Writer’s Room soon!

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  1. Really liked what you had to say in your post, Welcome to the Writer’s Room at the Betsy-South Beach | Writer's Room at the Betsy, thanks for the good read!
    — Dorethea

  2. A friend told me about the Betsy Writer’s Room. I’d be very interested in applying to come, during 2013. It sounds great!

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