Departing Remarks from Writer-in-Residence Margit Bisztray

I had a very special week in the Writer’s Room, thank you for everything. It is a vault of comfort in there. I learned from Ed, the concierge, that the walls are lined in cork, which made sense. Now, of course, I’ve decided I need a cork-lined room the rest of my life. Very tranquil! The activity of the hotel around me was a distant hum.

Reyna, the housekeeper, was like having an unobtrusive mother around, to make my bed even when I told her she didn’t need to, and supply me with more cilantro-scented body lotion.

I got so much done––a month or more’s worth of work. I kept peeking at poetry books, the collection is so tempting.

Thank you for my time in the Writer’s Room there at The Betsy. I am very grateful!

Margit Bizstray, Writer




Margit Bisztray