Departing Remarks – and a poem – from Jim Bertolino

My residency at The Betsy Hotel was an unforgettable experience, and I felt very lucky to have gotten to spend some quality time with you! I am both including as an attachment, and embedding in the message, the poems I worked on in Miami Beach–please consider these well-worked drafts. I am a persistent reviser, and these poems are likely to go through more changes. However, I’m pretty happy with how they appear now.

– Jim Bertolino


A Betsy Hotel Poem, November 9

No Fear

“The Poetic Process is lonely, but theatrical.”
–Hyam Plutzik

Okay, then, they call me Mr. Slither Lizard,
but I wear heavy leather boots.
Just last evening, walking through the dark,
wet, old growth of a tavern, I happened
to stub Mr. Achilles’ sore big toe.
He shouted, “Beware, or I will grind your brain!”
I wasn’t frightened, and when I returned from the john,
he had fled.

James Bertolino, written during his residency in The Writer’s Room at The Betsy.