Arts and Culture at The Betsy

Betsy’s arts and culture program doesn’t let up for a minute. Coming in May, on the heels of National Poetry Month with visits by award-winning writer Amy Tan, and readings by Poets Laureate and other emerging global wordsmiths, are summer months filled with residencies by regional South Florida Creators in cooperation with the great Educational institutions like Florida International University.

Leading into the new school year are deep partnerships with the Miami-Dade Public Schools, where Betsy redoubles its commitment to under-served children by adopting two classrooms working both with Teach for America and directly with the office of the Superintendent of Schools, Alberto Carvalho.

In addition, Betsy Philanthropy, Arts, Culture, and Education (a program we call PACE) will continue its interdisciplinary outreach with local, regional, and national arts partners with live music in all genres, art shows featuring major figures, and salons with thought-leaders near and far, with a special focus on bringing added-valued to a community hungry for partnership with a shared belief in the power of the arts to transform, enlighten and bring together people from wide ranging walks of life.

Not to mention, in November, seeding our fifth annual “Season of Gratitude”, a project that takes us through the rich holiday season by focusing on giving thanks rather than on specific holidays, the centerpiece of which will continue to be “Yoko Ono Wish Trees’ in cooperation with the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, one of Betsy’s longterm programming partners. The Wish Tree project invites patrons from all over the world to write wishes in every language) and hang them on trees, which are later sent to Yoko Ono to be placed in the John Lennon Peace Tower in Iceland. (In the last 5 years, Betsy guests have penned in excess of 5,000 wishes … that have already made their way to Iceland.)

To find out more about all of the cultural and educational programming happening, year-round, at The Betsy-South Beach, visit our website at  The Writer’s Room is a program supported by The Betsy-South Beach, with funding from the PG Family Foundation, The Betsy Community Fund and The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.