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The Writer's Room at The Betsy
The Writer’s Room at The Betsy


We are happy to announce our revamped Betsy Writer’s Room blog! In these posts we will update you on all things that have to do with our visiting writers and artists, as well as discussions on events they are participating in and around the Miami community and beyond.

We’re proud of our program and are eager to see it grow with writers and artists from all walks of life. As Poetry Magazine editor, Don Share said about his time in the Writer’s Room, “it’s a space you just want to keep returning to.” So stick around, read about past Writer’s Room residents and learn about how to come to our various literary and cultural events. In the words of our patron poet, Hyam Plutzik, “Expect no more, this is happiness.”

See you all soon,

-The Betsy Writer’s Room Team:

Pablo, Deb, Jean, and Jessica