The Trinity College Hyam Plutzik Residency

JRubanoPicPoet and recent Trinity College graduate, Julia Rubano is in The Writer’s Room this week. Julia, in case you didn’t know, is the inaugural recipient of the Hyam Plutzik South Beach Writing Residency at The Betsy. Julia has a poet’s heart. She finds energy in the ocean and writes poetry frequently on her blog. When we got together for coffee the other day she recounted her decision to study writing instead of comparative lit while at NYU. She transferred to Trinity and the artistic atmosphere helped aid her transition from comparative studies to creative ones. Julia is the rare breed of creative artist and athlete and she rigorously dedicates her time to both. In fact, as soon as we finished our conversation, she went back to her room to change and go work out in our gym. “Then,” she said, “I’ll get down to writing.” For such a young writer, Julia certainly displays the steely determination of an artist who has been at her craft for a long time. We already see South Beach making it’s way into her creativity ( and later this week she’ll be sharing her time with Creative Writing Director, Jen Karetnick’s (@kavetchnik) high school students at MAC. We’re delighted Julia is here and look forward to big things from her.