A Call to Poets for Soapbox Poetry 2015

Soapbox Call to Poets 2015

O, Miami and The Writer’s Room at The Betsy invite poets to participate in our 2015 Soapbox Poetry Program. Each weekday, two invited poets will gather on the veranda at The Betsy at 5pm to read two poems: one of their own and one written by someone they admire.

New for 2015: A culminating reading will be held for all participating poets at the end of National Poetry Month / O, Miami in The Betsy Alley Way at 14th Court, between Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue.

But why are they reading ‘from their soapbox”? So glad you asked!
This program pays homage to London’s Hyde Park Speaker’s Corner.

“Every Sunday morning since the right of free assembly was recognized in 1872, people gather at the Speakers’ Corner in London’s Hyde Park to partake in a unique forum for free speech. While Karl Marx and George Orwell used that spot to express their opinions, today’s average speaker is generally lower profile – yet they lecture about everything (& some may read poetry). The sheer variety of topics covered and characters discussing them keeps visitors entertained and engrossed.” – The Boston Globe, 2013

Betsy’s Soapbox puts poetry front and center.


4 thoughts on “A Call to Poets for Soapbox Poetry 2015

    1. There is no theme assigned, other than to read a poem from a poet who has inspired your own work. You’ll read one of theirs, and one of yours. This has been a great model, and we’re looking forward to doing it again in 2015!

        1. Darwin, the poet who inspires you can be any of the above. A published poet would be the preferred example, but we’ve had song lyrics read as poetry in the past as well as the work of established poets.

          Take a look at one of our Soapbox Poets from 2014 HERE.

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