Serving our Veteran Poets through the Arts


Veteran Poet: Brooke King, a former soldier and current veteran poet, recites one her poems on Dec. 3 in the alleyway of The Betsy Hotel on South Beach. The event, Arts in the Alleyway at The Betsy – South Beach, was presented through MDC Live Arts as a part of their yearlong military-focused programming. ANGELA DELGADO \ THE REPORTER

Kendall Campus Serves Artistic Veterans Through MDC Live Arts’ Vet Lab
The Reporter, Miami-Dade Kendall Campus News
By Pia Molina

On Jan. 10, veterans were given the opportunity to partake in MDC Live Arts’ Vet Lab, a writing lab program aimed at showcasing the stories of South Florida veterans.

The Vet Lab was inspired by Basetrack Live, a multimedia performance based on photographs by journalists embedded in Iraq and Afghanistan that shares the experiences of combat veterans. The Vet Lab aims to bring to light the unique and individual stories of South Florida veterans with an artistic twist.

There are approximately 600 veterans enrolled at Kendall Campus, and more than 2,500 college-wide. The Vets’ Lab hopes to start off serving at least ten veterans.

“Each veteran’s story is unique,” said Anthony Torres, project coordinator for MDC Live Arts’s Vet Lab. “I believe insight into their experiences can help reduce stigmas associated with military service as well as create a dialogue of mutual respect and appreciation within our community.”

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