Exilic Experiences: Inter-Generational Conversations

Exile PHCPresented by The Center for the Humanities in an Urban Environment, Exile Studies Program, English Department, English Graduate Studies Association, and The Betsy – South Beach;

A father in exile with his three sons after a conversation at FIU for the Exile Studies Program’s newest initiative, Inherited Exile through generations. The conversation was between father, Guillermo Cartaya and his son Pablo talking about the exilic experience through generations. The other brothers, Danny (left) and Guillo (far right) proudly came to support and participate.

The Betsy sponsored this event as part of our FIU/Betsy Exile Writers Program. This was started by Asher Milbauer at FIU, and he invited Betsy Literary Programs Manager, Pablo Cartaya, and his father Guillermo Hernandez Cartaya, to be the first presenters.

Cartaya flyer mage001.jpgThe program is about ‘Inherited Exile’ – and is the aspect of exile that speaks to FIU’s entire student body, most of whom are children of immigrants.