SubUrbano: From the Writer’s Room with Chauncey Mabe


Escribe Aqui: First Annual Iberoamerican Literature & Culture Festival

Chauncey Mabe

A verse by Pablo Neruda adorns the wall by the elevators of the old (soon to be new) Carlton Hotel. It is called, oddly enough, “Poem.” Here is the way it opens: “And it was at that age….poetry arrived/ in search of me. I don’t know,/ know where/ it came from …” It was an apt inscription for the readers and writers crowding the lobby last Sunday for the first annual Escribe Aqui festival on the state of Iberoamerican writing in the United States.

The term “Iberoamerican” was carefully chosen by co-founders Pedro Medina Leon and Pablo Cartaya, both young Miami-based novelists. “Iberoamerican is in contrast to Latin American,” said Cartaya, the literary program director for the Betsy Hotel, which now owns the Carlton. “We want to include all Spanish-speaking people.”

Escribe Aqui The mission of The Betsy’s Escibe Aqui is to make Miami the epicenter of Iberamerican literature and culture in the United States. Iberoamerican authors present readings, workshops, and salons throughout the year and have a culminating, one-day event filled with panels, readings, dance performances and signings covering the breadth of Iberoamerican literature and culture.

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