Vanessa Blakeslee: On Writing (from the Writer’s Room)

Vanessa BlakesleeOur recent Writer in Residence, Vanessa Blakeslee, shared her experience at The Betsy on her writing blog, “On Writing.” We were honored to host Ms. Blakeslee for a Breakfast Arts Salon on January 21st, welcoming her to to the Miami literary community.


“Dispatch from Ocean Drive where despite being the warmest spot in the continental U.S. today, it’s still chilly. What’s a literary writer doing on Ocean Drive, you may ask? For the next few days, I’m the writer-in-residence at The Betsy Hotel, a program which has been underway since 2012 and which I first heard about, as with so many good things, word-of-mouth via the poet and memoirist Brian Turner.” (Vanessa Blakeslee)

You can read Ms. Blakeslee’s full post here.

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