Anjanette Delgado: “A Room to Write is Magical”

We were delighted to receive this thoughtful note from Writer’s Room alumnus, Anjanette Delgado, recently. Her remarks were inspired by the book, “Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction” by Patricia Highsmith (St. Martin’s Griffin, 1990) – we can hardly wait to see what her next project may be, based on her research!

January, 2016:

Hi –

This passage from Patricia Highsmith’s excellent book on suspense writing made me remember you both with much gratitude. It talks of the importance of a room to write for a writer and I thought it might come in handy as you both work to promote your work in favor of writers and writing.

Hope you’re doing better than well.

Un abrazo,


A Delgado Room to Write


















Anjanette Delgado was Writer in Residence at The Betsy Writer’s Room July, 2014. For more on the writer, visit her website