Writer John Guare, PCAH Mission to Cuba, 2016

The Betsy was proud to welcome writer, John Guare to the Betsy on April 17 as part of the President’s Commission on Arts and Humanities Cuba Mission 2016.  

John Guare at The Betsy
John Guare at The Betsy, Credit Javier Sanchez

Guare on Writing Plays … 

“A novelist writes a manuscript, gives it to the agent or the editor, who sends it back and forth until the publisher accepts it, and one day the author finds the book in stores. But a play—a playwright has not only that wonderful, brutal period of solitude writing the play, but then the day comes when you’re ready to show your work to the theater’s equivalent of a publisher, the producer, and the theater’s equivalent of an editor, the director. You begin working with the designers who will provide the visual entry that introduces the audience to the world you’ve made. You start casting and choosing actors—a process much like the painter choosing the necessary tubes of paint and what consistency and what color they should be. Ahh! With a new shade an entire world opens up.”  (Interview by Ann Catteneo, The Paris Review) 

See more at: https://www.arts.gov/news/2016/us-government-cultural-mission-cuba-announced#sthash.adN4PEEo.dpuf