In response to the Orlando Pulse tragedy



By Edward Moran

With love to Maya Angelou and Ocean Vuong

12-13 June 2016

Feel for the pulse of America this mournful mourning

Feel for a pulse trumped and unsanguine, trumped and clotted in

   the sackcloth of shed blood

Feel for our pulse, quickened for those who now have none.

They say a soldier will kiss a grenade before launching it into the mouth of the night

I say, 

O ye wild men of Miami, ye whose lips have launched a thousand rounds,

Be wild for us all, and savage…kiss as if your lives depended on it, and ours

For they do, they do

St Lucie, patroness of the light,

Ora pro nobis.

St Lucie, let a hundred candles blaze in your crown

To warm the pulse of mourning.

What but this pulse is the sign of the heartland?

It must not be trumped by the darkness this unfine morning.

copyright 2016 by Edward Moran

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