Betsy Book Club

Studies show that Public School classrooms have limited supplies and support systems to ensure teacher/learning excellence. Schools residing in areas with a stronger tax base are often able to provide compensatory funding and programs to bridge the difference between public dollars and private student/community needs. Yet, economically disadvantaged children who reside in areas with a high concentration of children from low-income families are less likely to receive community assistance – and they are thus more likely to perform below grade level in basic subject areas such as reading and writing. Indeed, children need access to relevant age-appropriate reading materials, especially in Elementary School. With diminishing budgets for school libraries and classroom resources, this is seldom possible.

During every academic year, The Betsy-South Beach provides special support for two ‘fragile’ classrooms for two emerging young professional educators and the students they serve (one class each in 1st and 3rd grades). READING AND CULTURAL LITERACY are the content area centerpieces of the program and include author visits, career days, end of the year field trips to The Betsy Hotel, and classroom support and mentorship. The program involves members of the Betsy team in various areas of hotel operations and fosters a sense of community give back consistent with The Betsy mission.